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The audience prior to our Slapstick Show at Pudsey Civic Theatre Leeds

Children raise hands to take part in a school engagement

The Sandow Clowns present one of the most successful stage shows on tour playing most Civic Theatres in the north (more than once!) with full houses. A fast paced package of the best traditional clowning that is clean and wholesome and loved by both parents and children (please read our genuine Guest Book contributions). A Perfect package for school engagements should you require a show of circus skills and laughter with much audience participation using educational props in music. Totally self contained. (Please see the school list played)
The perfect circus show for your school hall (or stage) completely self
contained with back set (changing area!) and music. Quick set-up and removal.
Circus skills, comedy and music designed to be educational for Primary
school children - they can take part! Nothing frightening or dangerous. Just
simple fun!

See the genuine list of quotations from all the schools played (some more than

We have confidence that all price quotations are very competitive and fair - you tell us!
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